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The Cafe Lotus arranges bespoke experiences tailor-made for your best dining experience


“Orange Chocotini”

a Lotus cocktail carousel

Ignite your taste buds for just
IDR 99.000 Net

Experience refreshment with our vibrant fusion of citrusy orange juice and our signature Chocotini, expertly blended with our premium house vodka.

Hurry, it’s a flavor sensation you won’t want to miss only at The Café Lotus!


Royal Rijsttafel

A magnificent feast that takes diners on a journey through the diverse flavours of Indonesian cuisine. The elegant setting, with views of the lotus pond and Pura Saraswati temple, sets the stage for this regal dining experience. Upon being seated, guests are presented with a meticulously crafted Bokor, an ornate tray where a lavish spread of succulent grilled meats, fragrant curries, vibrant vegetable creations, and an array of condiments and sambals is artfully arranged.

Each dish offers a symphony of flavours, tantalizing the taste buds and immersing guests in the rich culinary heritage of Indonesia. The visual spectacle of the Royal Rijsttafel, presented in the crafted Bokor, an ornate tray adds to the sensory delight and creates an unforgettable dining experience at Cafe Lotus Ubud.


Ramasita & Dharmawangsa Afternoon Tea

Indulge in a delightful afternoon tea experience at Cafe Lotus in Ubud, Bali. Set against the serene backdrop of a lotus pond and the magnificent Pura Saraswati temple, this charming cafe offers a selection of classic teas and Bali coffee. Enjoy the exquisite presentation of an ornate Bokor, filled with delightful traditional bites and cakes. Pair these delectable treats with a fine selection of teas or freshly brewed coffee for a truly memorable and indulgent afternoon at Cafe Lotus.


Espresso Bloom Lotus

Enjoy our hot Cappuccino, Cafe Latte, Macchiato, and Long Black from 7 am to 11 am 

Only IDR 30.000 net


Taste on Tap

Join us from 12 PM to 5 PM for a mouthwatering Cheesy Pork Burger paired with a refreshing 0.3 draught Bintang Beer.

Only IDR 175.000 net

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